About the Authors

Robin De Niro. What Will I Be? is the first collaboration between writer Christopher Doyle and illustrator Glenn Thomas. Chris was originally inspired to write the tale of Robin’s musings by the constant curiosity and starry-eyed wonderings of his own two chicklets. Glenn illuminated Robin’s story, illustrating a rich, detailed journey that takes our feathered hero through myriad career choices all the way back to his bed, all a-twitter at life’s possibilities.

Christopher Doyle

Christopher Doyle is a designer and writer living and working in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder and creative director at Christopher Doyle & Co. He once sold a piece of cereal that looked like E.T. on eBay for a thousand dollars.


Glenn Thomas

Glenn Thomas runs The Fox And King, an illustration studio based in Melbourne, Australia. He can often be found lining up for coffee and watching animated movies. It should be noted he is neither a fox nor a king.