Robin De Niro. What Will I Be?

At just $10.00 USD Robin De Niro. What Will I Be? is a sweet story for all ages about a small bird with a big decision to make: what will Robin be when he grows up? A taxi driver? A boxer? A firefighter? Only time will tell. It’s a beautiful, funny, and touching tale that will resonate with parents while sprinkling tasty birdseed on the imaginations of curious kids.

$ 10.00 USD

Robin De Niro. What Will I Be? is a 230 x 260mm, 32-page book featuring a full- colour dust jacket, hardcover binding and a cloth finish including a hot foil stamp. Inside, birds of all ages can peck through 15 beautifully crafted illustrations. Bird-spotters will be interested to know that it’s printed using four colour process, and presented on 120gsm uncoated stock.


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